Paul Bennett
Is a self taught professional photographer. Photography became a passion for Paul when in his early 20's he received his first SLR camera as a birthday gift from his wife. What started as a hobby quickly became a new career. Paul has been teaching and sharing his photographic skills in a classroom environment for over twenty years. He relocated to Muskoka Nineteen years ago and has enjoyed discovering the beauty it has to offer a photographer. Pauls' love of nature has enabled him to pass on his creative and technical knowledge through his workshops.
Paul is a successful Commercial, portrait and landscape photographer with a studio and gallery located in Muskoka Lakes Township. Four years ago he founded the Muskoka Photography Club which now boasts over 50 members.
Larry Carroll
During his 30+ year career as a professional photographer, Larry has created images for corporate clientele such as the Home Depot, Kodak and Petro Canada to name but a few. Athletic clients have included Canadian National Champion figure skater and Olympian Susan Humphreys, Olympic Equestrian and world championship silver medalist Bonnie Bonnello. Larry has also worked with the Juno Award winning vocalist Roch Voisine. 
Larry’s published work includes West Coast Pleasure Palace with Pierre Burton, as well as numerous publications, magazines and newspapers.

Recently relocated to Cottage Country "Muskoka" two hours north of Toronto, Larry has already seen his work published in the local newspapers and featured in the areas longest continually running magazine, "Muskoka Magazine".

Larry derives some of his greatest satisfaction from sharing his skills through private photography tutoring. Watching the students who "get it" leap forward and begin producing phenomenal images with todays modern cameras.  "You can even produce great images with a good quality point and shoot, or iPhone under the right conditions, I've done it and so have many others."

"Experiencing their excitement when they create an image of excellent quality is just as exciting  as winning a ribbon in the show jumping ring. It is quite possible with the right amount of basics and understanding for today's photographers to hone their skills in just a few months or years to a level that would have taken a full career just 20 - 25 years ago."